On that way you find our holyday cottage


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Bungalowpark De Wielen 
1744 KS Sint Maarten 
De Wielen 48
House 48 
52° 46`10.84" N
4° 45`12.91" O
Height = 0 m

Coming from ruhr district:


  • First the A 2 (German Motorway) since the motorway intersection “Oberhausen"

  • From this point onto the A 3 in the direction Arnheim 
  • the A 3 becomes the A 12 in the Netherlands – follow this motorway since “Utrecht“ There you drive onto the A 2 in the direction “Amsterdam” (after the border ca. 90 kilometres) 
  • Then you drive onto the A 9 in the direction Schiphol, Amstelveen, Harlem (after the border ca. 120 kilometres 
  • Ring Alkmar A9 (N9) in the direction Den Helder 
  • to St. Martensvlotbrug 


  • right over the pontoon bridge in the direction Sint Maarten


  • there you can see the reference sign Bungalowpark / Camping "de Wielen"


  • further you drive through this village and after one more kilometre you turn to the left in front of the sign


  • ... Immediately after 50 metres again left into the entrance ”De Wielen“, where you can celebrate the arrival